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 Newly Constructed School Ground:

‘The secret to happiness is the meaningful expression of gratitude and practice of kindness’.
Indeed, every member of St.Anthony’s School, Gangondanahalli, and the fraternity of Prem Nivas is truly indebted to the benevolence of Mr. Krishnappa, the MLA of our constituency, whose philanthropic venture led to the aesthetic restoration of the St. Anthony’s Parish and the school grounds. On July 15th 2022, the honourable Minister Mr. Krishnappa inaugurated the newly reconstructed grounds. In his address, he encouraged the children to study well and become responsible citizens of India. He also took cognizance and acceded to the requests of the Parish and school to build a public toilet on the campus. The friars of Prem Nivas, fondly acknowledge the steadfast efforts of Br. William, Br. Dancy and Br. Richard Kadiwal as well.


Br. Richard Kadiwal
Head Master

Br. Alnil D'Costa
Vicar & Treasurer

Br. Vijay Kumar
Parish Priest

Br. Lourduswamy

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