NEW ACADEMIC YEAR 2018 : St. Anthony's Church School

St Anthony's institutions was delighted to begin the new academic year 2018 on 28th of May 2018. Officially we inaugurated the year on 04th of June,2018 at 9.30 a.m. The staff and the Management welcome the students after which all were gathered in the school grounds. A small prayer session was conducted with the lighting of the lamp by school Headmaster, Asst. Headmaster, Staff representatives student representatives. Students with 100% attendance in the last academic year were honoured with the gold medal and 5% discount on the total fees for the academic year 2018.




Br. Dancy Sunil Martis
Head Master

Br. Vincent Balraj
Guardian & Assistant Head Master, Pastor in-charge of Hoskerehalli

Br. Prem Lawrence DíSouza
Vicar & Treasurer

Br. Alexander Daniel
Parish Priest

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