Scouts and Guides, of Vijayanagar celebrated the 12th Scouts and Guides Fair - St. Anthony's Church School  

On 20th of January 2018, the local association of Scouts and Guides, of Vijayanagar celebrated the 12th Scouts and Guides Fair with the cooperation of Bharath Scouts and Guides Karnataka. The Fair was held from morning 8 o’clock to evening 5 o’ clock. Around 54 Scouts and Guides students of our School participated in the Fair. The Fair was held in Shri Siddaganga Public School, Chandra Layout.
The talent oriented competitions were held for the students, and our students participated in all the competitions. The students won prizes in the competitions. These are the prizes they won in the competitions, viz.,

  1. In the drill and march-past competition Trinity led girls group won the second prize.

  2. In the vegetable carving competition Prajwal S won the first Prize.

  3. In the vegetable carving Shilpha won second Prize.

  4. In cooking without fire Sabira Sultan and team won the second prize.

  5. In sign post collage competition Nayana and Kristina Joyce won the Second Prize

The programme was presided over by the Shri M Krishnappa, Minister for Housing, Karnataka and Shri. P.G. R Sidhya, the State Head Secretary for Bharath Scouts and Guides, Karnataka. The programme was well organized. The students of Scout and Guides brought honour to the school by their participation and learnt some valuable lesson for the service of the society.





Br. Dancy Sunil Martis
Head Master

Br. Vincent Balraj
Guardian & Assistant Head Master, Pastor in-charge of Hoskerehalli

Br. Prem Lawrence D’Souza
Vicar & Treasurer

Br. Alexander Daniel
Parish Priest

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