VARIOUS COMPETITIONS @ St. Anthony's Church School

On 17-6-2017 Saturday St. Anthony's Church School held Colours day celebration, Chart competition and solo singing competition in the school premises.

Colours day celebration by class 1st to 4th standard:
Red colour was represented by 1st A and 3rd B. The colour stood for power, light from darkness, love and romance. White colour was represented by 2nd B/C for peace and purity. Orange colour was represented by 2nd A for courage, bravery and sacrifice. Blue colour was represented by 4th A and 1st B for royalty and encouragement. Yellow colour was represented by 4th C the colour of radiance and bright fullness. Pink colour by 3rd C expressed its beauty. All sections teachers and students wore dressed of their particular class colours, brought charts, fruits, Vegetables, pictures and balloons for display.

Chart competitions by Class 5th to 7th standard:
The topic given was environment day. 63 students participated.

Folk song competition by class 8th to 10th standard:
In the folk song competition 30 students participated from the high school section.




Br. Dancy Sunil Martis
Head Master

Br. Vincent Balraj
Guardian & Assistant Head Master, Pastor in-charge of Hoskerehalli

Br. Prem Lawrence DíSouza
Vicar & Treasurer

Br. Alexander Daniel
Parish Priest

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